Benjamin Bagshawe

To all who were involved in making Nat and Dave’s wedding day such a special event, I can’t fault you! You truly have such an amazing team.

Becky, I can only assume as the Operations Manager? was a true professional in pulling off such an amazing wedding – attentive even till the early hours of 2am what a legend, and she could not have done this without a great team.

I would like to make special thank you to Jessica, Emma and Paddy on the bar for making sure myself and many of the guests were ‘well oiled’ throughout the evening celebrations. I can truly thank each and everyone one of you for a horrendous hangover the following day! You did your job well!!

The room and venue was beautiful – the food was well presented and delicious, if I had known I was going to get such a substantial piece of cheesecake I would have held back on the vegetables during mains, all in all I can safely say there was nothing left on my plate.

Thank you so much for all your hard work Casa, and please forgive me if I have missed any one out or got names wrong I was to say the least ‘high spirited’ at the end?!

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