Dave Burgess of TR Register Club

I live fairly locally to the CASA and use it regularly for business purposes but have NO direct or commercial benefit in posting this.

I managed to persuade our national car club to have their Winter Ball there for the second year running, not that I had to try very hard such was the success of last year. The CASA staff could not have been more helpful in allowing us to take over the hotel for the weekend. Club flags on the flag poles, banners in the car park, our cars in the entrance, even the owner displayed some of his own car collection for us, an area cordoned off for our own members parking. Nothing was too much trouble. Then we come to the service in the hotel, if you want to put on a large event I couldn’t think it possible to have a more helpful team of people to make it a success.

The meals / food quality and service were first class not only for our Saturday dinner but the buffet on Friday as well, and I mustn’t forget to mention the breakfast to die for!!

You could also spend all your time in the room, the beds are unbelievably comfortable, you even get real milk in the fridge and all the modern electronic gadgetry you need.

Thank you CASA for helping us to put on a fantastic event for our club.

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